DIY Pest Tips

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Blog

Five top tips to enjoy a pest free home

Pests are quite common throughout most parts of the world. In Queensland there are over hundreds of species of common pests. Therefore, having a pest free home takes a little more than just a regular pest treatment every twelve months or so. In this edition of our helpful reader guides, Ali Ghafoor from A.M.G Pest Management shares five top tips to enjoy a pest free home. When it comes to pest management it is often a case of prevention as opposed to intervention.

1: Seal all entry points into your home

Take a walk around your home and look for easy entry points which pests can exploit to entre your home. Look for small cracks, crevices and gaps in building structure which can serve as an entry point into your home. Check around garage doors, hot water fittings, air conditioning ducting and weepholes.

2: Dispose waste quickly and correctly

Waste left outdoors or not disposed off correctly can quickly attract pests. Rodents and pests love leftover and undisposed food waste. Get into a habit of disposing food waste daily and washing recycling containers first before storing.

3: De-clutter

Clutter around your home or inside provide a great breeding and habitable place for pests to take over and thrive. Ensuring to de-clutter of old cardboard boxes, plastic bags and newspapers is a step in the right direction in removing pest breeding grounds.

4: Moisture

Moisture around your home can attract pests, water is as important as food is for pest’s survival. Moisture can attract pests to your home if the problem is not fixed. Check air conditioning drips, appliances such as hot-water system are not causing damp and water puddles near your home.

5: Inspect items you bring to your home

It is so common today to buy a retro item and bring it straight home without checking for any possible pests hiding or nesting in the item. Also, with the convenience of cardboard packaging today pests can also make their way to your home concealed in cardboard boxes.

Takeaway messages

Prevention is often more effective and convenient than intervention, as well as less costly. Invest some time and effort to ensure your home is pest free all year with some general DIY tips to help keep your home pest free. If in doubt give us a call for an obligation free quote and helpful information, visit