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by | Jun 17, 2021 | Blog

Rodent problems during cooler months

Without a doubt rodents present more of a problem during cooler and winter months, which sees a spike in rodent activities in homes. A common myth is that rodents will only enter older homes, which is not always the case. Rodents like most other common pest species will seek warmth during colder months and their survival depends on it. That is why, during winter rodent problems in homes becomes a major concern.

Rodents seeking to hide in your home is also a way for them to seek protection from predators and start an early breeding season. Rodents in homes can wreak havoc, including causing major damages to structural, electrical, insulation and disturb your comfort. Usually, untreated rodent problems in a home may require professional repairs resulting in thousands of damages. Moreover, an alarming 20-25% of residential fires are caused by rodents. Can you risk your home and loved ones during this winter?

Here are our top tips for combating rodent problems this winter:

Prevention is better than cure: Regular pest treatment, including rodent control is one of the best ways to combat your pest problems and avoid expensive costs and damages to your home and assets.

Early detection: Looking for common rodent signs can help beat them before things get out-of-hand. Check for smear marks, gnawing, smell, or droppings around your home.

Limiting entry point: Check for possible entry points to your home. Common entry points are under garage doors, draining and air-conditioning ducting.

Seek professional advice: if in doubt do not risk it, contact a local and trusted company. At A.M.G Pest Management we provide free rodent inspection as part of every general pest treatment.

Beat the pests this winter and give us a call for an obligation free quote. At A.M.G Pest Management we are proudly working to provide our clients the highest quality services at affordable prices, that is our guarantee.

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