Noises in the roof?

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Blog

Who goes there?

Have you often noticed while at home and usually at night you hear noises from the roof or walls? Scratching, grunts, growls or buzzing sounds. Well, these may all be common pest problems in our walls and roof.

Pests often decide to move into the roof for many reasons, such as warm, escape from predators, ideal nesting grounds or looking for their next meal. Why are pests more active at night? Well, many pests are nocturnal, which means that during the night they increase their activity and usually during the day people are not home to notice the pest problems.

So what?

Pests can cause significant damage if untreated in your home, such as damages to wiring, structural or bring harmful diseases to you home. That’s why at first sight or sound of pest problems it is important to address the problem and could save you money and time down the future.

Common pest problems:


Possums are cute and one of the beloved Australian marsupials, however when these little guys make their way in your roof. You may notice grunts, growls and screeches, as well as unfavorable odour. Their heavy pattering of feet is a strong indication of possums in your roof. Finally, people often report set times of activity, for example, 3:00am activity and 2:00pm activity. This is quite common as possums will come and go during different times of the day.


Rodents are unwelcome pests especially as they can be primarily culprits when it comes to significant property damage in a dwelling. Like possums you may notice scratching, step sounds and gnawing noises. Rodents will use just about anything to keep their teeth worn down and gnawing is how they do that. Check for large opening around your home, including air conditioner ducting, pipes, weepholes and overhanging branches.


While birds can often be harmless to humans, when these guys enter your roof to nest, they can bring unwanted smells and bacteria. Their droppings carry harmful diseases. Usual hours of activity can be during dawn to dusk, with scratching and cooing noises often apparent. If you think you may have birdlife in your roof, check for birds trying to enter or leave your roof.

Bees or wasps:

Some last unlikely culprits, who can also use your roof and wall cavities as their nesting grounds can be bees or wasps. Look for buzzing or tapping sounds which can indicate usual bug activities. Check around window frames, guttering and weepholes as these can often serve as entry points to your home.

Take away messages:

Pests in roofs can cause unwanted and expensive damages. They can also introduce harmful viruses and diseases to your home. As well as unpleasant odours. Next time you hear unusual sounds take the time to investigate further and give a professional pest control company a call to investigate. At A.M.G Pest Management we provide free pest solutions and consultations, if in doubt give us a call.