Pest Control: Worth it or Not!

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Blog

What is Pest Control?

Pest control is simple yet complex practice and service in which ‘species’ defined as pests or rodents are managed and eradicated through various chemical and non-chemical treatments and procedures.


Why do we get Pest Control?

Pest control can help save and protect structures and households from nasty pests, rodents and even fungus (such as mould). We get pest control to aid in eradicating invasive and unwanted pests from our homes and business. Without pest control this allows for outbreaks of nasty bugs, causing hundreds of dollars of damages.

According to studies from QLD Government Department of Health, pests can transmit disease and micro poisoning organisms into our foods and bodies Pest control | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government ( Businesses can not operate without regular pest management as it can be deemed that a business is unsafe and hazardous for the general public. Invasive and dangerous pests known as termites can damage structural integrity of homes and properties without you even knowing they are there, which can be very expensive to fix and generally most home insurance companies will not cover it, that is why it is important to do annual termite inspections to help identify and protect your home before it’s too late. Not only termites can cause pain to homeowners, most pests and rodents can also pose a big threat to properties and health which is why regular pest management is crucial to protect your homes and loved ones or businesses and customers.

Is Pest Control worth it?

With all this information we now come to the question is pest control worth it? Pest control can help against depreciation to assets such as homes and properties and it helps add more value when comes time to sell. Regular pest control also keeps homes and business clean and helps prevent unforeseen dangers and hazards. Finally, it can help fight against the spread of deadly disease and viruses such as Zika and rabies which can put loved ones and pets at risks of serious illness and death. Can you put a price on the health of your loved ones? So, in all cases YES pest control is definitely worth it.

When should I get Pest Control?

It is always best to get pest control done as soon as you notice pests around your home. Springtime is when pests are most active but it can be all year round. This leads to another question, If I get pest control done when do I need to do it again? Depending on your circumstance it can vary from six to twelve months for regular inspection and management. A.M.G Pest Management offers unbeatable warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, giving you the peace of mind knowing your pest problems will be managed by industry experts.

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