Pest control budget tips

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Blog

How Budgeting for pest control can save you thousands

Did you know? Thousands of dollars of damages can be caused to your home by nasty and unwanted pests. That is right, pests can quickly wreak havoc at your home or workplace. As we entre summer, it has never been more important than now to start planning for your next pest treatment.

Just like most things, having a plan and starting early can give you much needed time and a head start against pests. Homeowners can make huge savings by catching a problem early, as opposed to finding out about their pest problems and damages caused after years of undetected infestation. Pest population and numbers can quickly explode and turn into an infestation, for example one female cockroach can breed over 40 eggs in just two weeks. Therefore, having a head start can turn the tidy against these nasty pests.

Ali Ghafoor, A.M.G Pest Management CEO shares four simple and highly effective tips for budgeting and having a pest free home all year round.

  1. Regular maintenance and upkeep: Removing unwanted items from your home and office can eliminate possible habitats for pests. It can also be important in reducing potential fire hazards. Pests are quite clever and will notice when items are not moved regularly and will use these items as hiding spots, borrows and nests.
  2. Eliminating entry points: Having a look around your home or office can give you indications where pests could be entering from, for example, quite often it could be from openings around the premises, such as front or garage doors, air-conditioner ducting, weep holes or plantation. Often these can be easy fix solutions, such as installing a door strip rubber which acts as a barrier to stop pests entering your home.
  3. Invest in regular pest treatment: Having regular treatments and pest control is one of them most effective ways to ensure your home is protected against pests. Ensuring your treatment is carried out regularly can give you peace of mind knowing your home is professionally protected and treated. Putting aside the cost of a cup of coffee ($4.50) per week, can save you $234 by summer (over 12 months) for a full home internal and external pest treatment. You could also have money left over for a cup of coffee or two.
  4. Asking for help and professional advice: it is quite common to reach for ‘supermarket or DIY solution kits’. However, sometimes this could add to your problem and potentially send your pests into hiding and create more damages. Many companies are happy to offer free consultations and quotes and it can pay off to pick up the phone and ring a few local companies for best advice, prices, and services.

Takeaway messages: It is important to have regular pest treatment and control. Putting away as little as $4.50 per week can save you $234 by summer (over 12 month), great saving for full cover for your pest treatment. Investing in regular pest treatment can save you thousands and asking for help could mean getting the right person for the right job. Finally, keeping in mind regular cleaning and prevention could make a huge difference, like the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. For more information or free pest solutions and consultation please contact A.M.G Pest Management.