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by | Feb 10, 2021 | Blog

Donating to Clean Up Australia to help keep our nation clean for generations to come

In most aspects of our life, we have rights and responsibilities. However, with our rights comes great responsibility. For example, we have a right to live in a happy, safe, and clean environment, well with this right is our responsibility to do our part and to ensure we do our share in protecting and helping clean up our environment and keep Australia clean for future generations. Clean Up Australia inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve local environments. With a core purpose of preventing rubbish entering the environment, as well as helping remove what has already accumulated, Clean Up Australia has become the nation’s largest community-based environmental event. With this critical task at hand, the board of A.M.G Pest Management indorsed to donate $2 from each pest treatment service to Clean Up Australia charity. As well as help facilitate both a business and community clean up event to coincide with Clean Up Australia Day (Sunday 7th March 2021).

A.M.G Pest Management founder and CEO Ali Ghafoor said, doing our part in helping to protect and clean our local environment was critical considering there is so much waste and rubbish entering our waterways, creeks, and ocean. Moreover, the ongoing magnitude of single use cups, straws and plastic bags which continues to pose a significant risk to native animals and wildlife. Hence, we as an organization feel we all need to do our part in helping to protect and clean up our environment. What better way then starting in our own local environment and backyard.

Clean Up Australia Day will be on Sunday 7th of March 2021, local area clean up event is proudly facilitated by A.M.G Pest Management to be held at Samba Park, Samba Drive Underwood 7am-10am. Plenty of activities on offer for the whole family.

For more information about Clean Up Australia or Clean Up Australia Day visit: #CleanUpAustralia  #StepUptoCleanUp

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