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by | Mar 15, 2021 | Blog

What to expect from your pest treatment.

There is a common misconception that once you have a professional pest treatment then all your pest problems will suddenly disappear. Well, in fact a professional pest treatment can take as long as six weeks to fully eradicate your pest problems. To put it simply pests will not die immediately, as most commonly used pesticides are non-repellant meaning they are slow acting which enables pests the carry the treatment back to their nests, undetected and in return wipe out the entire colony at the source of the problem. In this edition of our helpful reader guides, our founder and CEO Ali Ghafoor shares four tips to help best prepare for your next treatment and what to expect after your treatment.

1. Cleaning

Cleaning before your treatment is applied can help the treatment work better and last longer. Cleaning after your pest treatment should be done after few days to allow pests to get in contact with the treatment. Avoid heavy cleaning around skirtings and floor edging.

2. Children and Pets

Most treatment options today are odourless and safe to use in domestic settings. Having said that it is important to collect children and pet toys from floors to avoid contamination. One area important to check is under beds. Allowing 30 minutes for the treatment to dry is important and keeping children and pets away during this period can also help eliminate contamination with the treatment areas.

3. Time

Allow sufficient time for the treatment to work and take full effect at your home or office is vital to the success of your treatment. As mentioned above sometimes the full effects of your pest treatment can take up to six weeks. In addition, in some cases a follow-up treatment may be necessary. For example, a heavily infested kitchen or restaurant.

4. Professional help

Most importantly, when addressing any pest problem, it is imperative to use a licensed and insured technician and company. A licensed technician will have access to a variety of treatment options and methods available to them to ensure the job is done right and in cost effective manner. DIY seem to do a good job, however often they only address the top of the iceberg and send pests into hiding causing bigger problems. If in doubt call a local professional company.

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