Going away during the holidays? Do not let the pests move in!

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Blog

Top five tips to keep pests away this holiday season

Pests such as ants, spiders and cockroaches can not only damage your household items and assets, but they can also spread harmful bacteria and virus. Undoubtably one of the most effective ways to get rid of pests is to call a licensed and insured pest control company. A licensed technician can help address your pest problems and help implement a dedicated pest management plan to keep pests out of your home. As well as, using a licensed technician there are things you can do to assist in keeping pests away. Here are five top pest control tips in helping keep your home pest and disease free during these holidays.

Top five tips to keep pests away

  1. Keeping household clean and tidy

A regular clean even once a week or fortnight can help combat pests coming into your home. Pests will thrive in damp and untidy home with easy access to food sources. To avoid an infestation, try and take out the rubbish daily before bed, regular mop and spray-wipes can do great for the kitchen and wet areas.

  1. Remove or cover green waste

Keeping general green waste for the garden can be great for your plants and veggie patch, however, if these stay on the kitchen bench too long, they will bring nasty pests and smell. Try to put them in a sealed box and take them out regularly or as needed.

  1. Close holes or gaps in window and door screens

Fixing nets on your window and door screens is a great way of stopping pests from entering your home. An easy fix and effective way to keep pests and their nasty odors and viruses from your home.

  1. Remove and dispose of items you do not need

Items that are left around and not used can become a great place for pests to hind and turn into their next nesting ground. For example, an old couch in the shed or garage. If its not used, perhaps it could go to charity shop or dump. Unused items become great hiding spots for pests.

  1. If in doubt call a professional

Untreated pest problems can be costly and often not covered by insurance covers or protections. If in doubt about your pest problems always call a professional. While strategies to eliminate pests can helpful, often these measures cannot completely eliminate pests without licensed and professional intervention. If you need a free consultation or quote visit www.amgpest.com.au our helpful team technicians are ready to help customers just like you.