Giving is receiving

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Blog

Supporting your community can help your business

It has never been more important than now, given current circumstances to reach out for one another and check-in to see how people are traveling. During the current situation with COVID-19 and social isolation for people, many are finding it quite challenging and difficult to be away from friends and loved ones. Our company director reports, visiting people’s home is a privilege and often customers are welcoming and looking forward to having a visitor over at their home. It is always exciting going to a new customers’ home and finding the many stories they have to share and often a warm cup of tea will be waiting when you arrive says Ali.

Ali Ghafoor owner and manager of A.M.G Pest Management, reported with the current situation it is often elderly members of the community who can be quickly forgotten during difficult circumstances. As a company we have taken extra steps during the pandemic to make sure our business is more responsive to custom circumstances, such as offering contactless trade, ensuring staff are trained in COVID-19 awareness training and generally looking out for our fellow citizens and asking the question if they need a helping hand or simply asking RUOK?

Ali reported during a recent staff meeting the organisation decided to contribute $10 from each job during the month of September and up until RUOK?Day (10th September) towards the RUOK? Charity and help raise awareness about this great initiative and start the conversation, check-in and offer support if people need it. This is our way of supporting the RUOK? Charity and looking out for each other, as we can all use a little helping hand at times.

As an organisation it is important to offer a little more than just the general booked services, and often customers will appreciate the extra services and personal connections made for them. We find that customers today seek ethical and values-based organisations willing to make a difference in their community and support grassroots sports, charities, or initiatives, it is one way for an organisation to provide corporate sponsorship and community giveback for their business. Just like the old quote goes ‘giving is receiving’.