German Cockroaches

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Blog

What are German Cockroaches?

The German Cockroach is an invasive and aggressive species of cockroach, it should not be mistaken with the oriental or Australian cockroach. These types of pests are small comparable to a 10-cent coin or about half an inch. German cockroaches are a light brown or golden colour with dark symmetrical lines coming down the body. German cockroaches are a dangerous type of pest due to their ability to reproduce rapidly in homes and businesses. For example, just one female German cockroach can produce 400 offspring in its 100-day lifetime.

Spotting Germans can be difficult as they tend to hide in dark, warm, and humid places in the home, such as kitchens cupboard and sinks or bathrooms and bathtubs. Their flat small bodies make it easy for them to get through small cracks and holes to hide throughout your home. They survive only in human populated areas where food and crumbs are accessible. These nasty pests can contaminate foods with disease like salmonella which can poison foods and produce antibiotic resistant bacteria which they spread on floors, kitchen tops and sinks. Spotting a single German cockroach usually means there is a whole colony hiding within your home or business which if left untreated will create an outbreak and cause illness for families and damaging reputation for the business.

Myth: German cockroaches can be eradicated with traditional roach spray or home treatment options.

Although traditional roach spray or home treatments may help to kill a single cockroach, however, will not be effective against the German Cockroach species. German roaches will hide in crevices, cracks and other unseen places in your home which pretty much makes it impossible to treat without a targeted and specific treatment options. This is also what makes them so dangerous which is why booking for a German treatment is crucial in eradicating the problem.

Common treatments

The only effective way to exterminate these invasive pests is for your pest management team to perform a treatment designed specifically for the German species. An aggressive two part treatment which includes the use of chemical sprayings, growth regulator, roach bait stations, roach gel and other useful tactics to eliminate the live roaches. The second treatment after two weeks (if not longer) can help to finally destroy baby German cockroaches which emerge from unhatched eggs left over by the colony.

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